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Gene Bridges pioneers Red/ET Recombination

Red/ET Recombination is a revolutionary method for DNA engineering. Recombineering with Red/ET allows unlimited cloning, subcloning, and modification of DNA at any chosen position. It permits precise engineering of DNA molecules of any size, including very large ones such as BACs or the E.coli chromosome.
Learn how Red/ET Recombination works

Use Red/ET to make:

Learn how Red/ET Recombination helps you to make tailored constructs for animal models.
Use Red/ET Recombination to optimize your E. coli production strains.

Red/ET Training Courses

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Download Red/ET Brochure

Red/ET Brochure Gene Bridges' Red/ET Recombination brochure provides a comprehensive introduction to the technology and an overview on Red/ET related products and services.

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