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Licensing Red®/ET® Recombination

Gene Bridges GmbH owns the exclusive rights to Red/ET Recombination, a revolutionary DNA engineering technology. Gene Bridges issues licenses for the use of the Red/ET Recombination technology to commercial users. Licensing arrangements for Red/ET Recombination are provided as world-wide, non-exclusive sub-licenses.

6-Month Trial License

6-month trial licenses for EUR 3,500 are available for commercial parties wishing to test the technology.

Each license is provided with an attractive support package consisting of:
  • Control experiment and materials
  • Detailed protocols
  • All necessary sequence information
  • Latest Red/ET Recombination plasmids regularly updated and supplied to licensee
  • Red/ET Recombination proficient strains

Trial license: Eukaryotic applications
Trial license: Prokaryotic applications

Full License (standard format)

Gene Bridges can customize full licenses to include access to any combination of the following applications:

  • Research only
  • Cloning & Subcloning
  • Knock-out & Knock-in constructs
  • Transgenic constructs
  • Conditional Knock-outs
  • Viral engineering
  • Transgenic Plants

They can be tailored to fit your requirements.

Full license: Eukaryotic applications
Full license: Prokaryotic applications

For more information about the licensing of Red/ET Recombination, please contact

Important Ordering Notes

Academic researchers can order Red/ET kits directly from their local distributor.

Commercial organisations require a sublicense to use the Red/ET Recombination technology. Please get in touch with Gene Bridges first.

Download Red/ET Brochure

Red/ET Brochure Gene Bridges' Red/ET Recombination brochure provides a comprehensive introduction to the technology and an overview on Red/ET related products and services.

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