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Service E.coli project

On behalf of Nucleonics I thank you and Genebridges for performing an excellent job of developing the E.coli strains. Your planning, execution, analysis of the knockout strains and the report that you submitted were of excellent quality. The project included complex pathways to get to many different and overlapping genetic mutations that we needed to engineer, and this was carried out efficiently and in timely manner, on and ahead of schedule. These strains are expected to further guide us to the developing more desired and robust strains that will be used in production of eiRNA plasmid vectors. We intend to continue this productive relationship with you.

C. Satishchandran PhD
Senior Vice President Research & Development
Nucleonics, Inc.
702 Electronic Dr. Horsham, PA 19044, USA


Service Conditional Knockout

I am very pleased with the conditional knockout vector construction service offered by GeneBridges. In my experience, they have provided the requested constructs on schedule and with professional customer service.

Shawn M. Ferguson, Ph.D.
HHMI/Department of Cell Biology
Yale University School of Medicine
295 Congress Ave, BCMM 235
New Haven, CT


Conditional Knockout / BAC Subcloning Kits

Dear Harald,

Haven't contact you for a while. The good news come, I have tried several constructs, both the modification and subcloning kits worked very well. I haven't even failed in a single experiment. The first targeting in ES cell has begun. Thanks for your kind help and this magic cloning system.


Dr Cong Liu
Genome Damage and Stability Centre
Sussex University
Brighton BN1 9RQ
United Kingdom


Service BAC Modifications

"BAC DNA constructs modified by Red/ET Recombination from Gene Bridges are easy to handle and helped us achieve results quickly."

"We have been very successful with the BAC DNA constructs modified by Gene Bridges."

Ronald Naumann
Head of the Transgenic Core Facility
Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics


Service E.coli project

Gene Bridges’ red-ET technology for gene deletions has become a key component of our metabolic engineering program. As a small company, it has saved us both time and money to outsource our strain constructions to the experts at Gene Bridges, allowing our scientists more time to focus on design, analysis, and process development. Through gene knockouts alone, we have achieved a 10-fold improvement in yield of a key product within 9 months of the project start. Throughout the project, we have been very pleased with the ability of Gene Bridges to dependably deliver high-quality work in a timely manner.

Steve Van Dien
Senior Scientist
Genomatica, Inc.


Quick and Easy E.coli Gene Deletion Kit

The “Quick and easy E. coli gene deletion kit” offered by Gene Bridges is a very efficient and comfortable tool for making knockouts in E. coli. With other methods we had problems knocking out special genes before, but with the kit it took only three days to be successful with those knockouts. It is like the name says: “quick and easy”. Thanks for this invention!

Dr. Ralf Heermann
Department Biologie I
Bereich Mikrobiologie
Maria-Ward-Str. 1a
80638 München


Red/ET Training Courses

Next course: date to be announced

Download Red/ET Brochure

Red/ET Brochure Gene Bridges' Red/ET Recombination brochure provides a comprehensive introduction to the technology and an overview on Red/ET related products and services.

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