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Recent Publications

The publications can be downloaded as PDF file by clicking the title.

Stephan Noll, Gabriele Hampp, Hanna Bausbacher, Natalia S. Pellegata, Harald Kranz (2009). Site-directed mutagenesis of multi-copy-number plasmids: Red/ET recombination and unique restriction site elimination BioTechniques 46:527-533

Stephan Braatsch, Sřren Helmark, Harald Kranz, Brian Koebmann, and Peter Ruhdal Jensen (2008). Escherichia coli strains with promoter libraries constructed by Red/ET recombination pave the way for transcriptional fine-tuning. BioTechniques 45: 335-337

Jun Fu, Silke C. Wenzel, Olena Perlova, Junping Wang, Frank Gross, Zhiru Tang, Yulong Yin, A. Francis Stewart, Rolf Muller and Youming Zhang (2008). Efficient transfer of two large secondary metabolite pathway gene clusters into heterologous hosts by transposition. Nucleic Acids Research 36:17

Ralf Heermann, Tim Zeppenfeld and Kirsten Jung (2008). Simple generation of site-directed point mutations in the Escherichia coli chromosome using Red/ET Recombination. Microbial Cell Factories 7:14

Saskia Lösch, Stephan Braatsch and Harald Kranz (2007). Red/ET Recombination. λ vs. Mu: base-precise modification of the E. coli genome. BIOspektrum, Translation from 05.07

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